Solid State Power Electronics
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We Service/Repair,
Replace and Test Electronic
Devices for the following:

Molded Case Circuit Breakers
Insulated Case Circuit Breakers
Low Voltage Power Circuit Breakers
Medium Voltage Air Circuit Breakers

For Breakers, Service & Parts
Please Visit:

A Group CBS Company

877-TRIP-FIX (877-874-7349)

4701 Spartan Drive Denton, TX 76207

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Repair, Calibration/Test, Sell, Exchange and Buy:

Circuit Breaker Trip Devices
Solid State Protective Relays
Rating Plugs
Secondary Test Sets
Temperature Controllers
Ground Fault Relays
Breaker Control Cards

We stock trip units from all major manufacturers.

  Repair Replace with
Replace with New
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Cost Low Moderate High
Availability <1 Week 1-2 Days Up to Several Weeks

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